Thursday, November 8, 2012

The most convincing malicious Message I have ever received

The most convincing malicious Message I have ever received:

I was expecting an airlines ticket from my HR, so I almost fell for it. I consider myself as above average computer user, and I thought I pretty much know all the scams and attacks used in the social media, but this is something new.. I got this message when I was expecting something similar on my office. Although my HR would never send anything to my personal ID, still I would have opened it if I didn't disable "Hide Extensions for known file types" on my PC (I do that on all my PC's)

The message was convincing, and the archive was password protected and sent only to me. How cool is that? Some one is trying to target me specifically... I am so honored..

None of the following were able to detect the virus on the file as of 11/8/12, 5.01 PM CST.

Windows Defender for 8
Norton Security Suite.
Both of the applications happily said “Nothing Found”.

But this is obviously virus:

AS you can see, it is just an exe file with PDF icon.

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